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Low-Carb Organic Bread Mix & Dough Blend in the Low Carb Shop

Erdschwalbe is the pioneer of low-carbohydrate (low-carb), high-protein, organic-grade baking mixes without addition of gluten - and has been doing so since 2010. You can buy the cake mix for flame cake dough in our online shop , Pizza dough, paleo bread, protein bread, chocolate cake, coconut cake and lemon cake (vegan low carb cake) as well as a vegan, low-carbohydrate organic baking mixture for lupine patties.

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Each of Erdschwalbe's baking mix carries the EC BIO quality seal. Erdschwalbe baking mixes are without additives and GMO-free and pesticide-free. Erdschwalbe already placed in 2010 the first bread mix according to the EC Organic Regulation in the low carb range on the market. In 2012, the gluten-free variant followed.

Vegan Low-Carb Baking Mix and Organic Bread Mix

Our protein-rich and carbohydrate-reduced foods are suitable for all people who want to eat consciously and sustainably. All dough blends are vegan and organic. Whether you're looking for a delicious vegan flame-cake batter, a low-carb bread-baking mix, or low-carbohydrate cake mixes, Erdschwalbe offers the best quality in years.


Erdschwalbe's bread mixes are suitable for many different ways of life. The low-carbohydrate (low-carb) and protein-rich baking mixes for cakes, pizza, tarte flambée, paleo bread and protein bread help with a conscious diet. In addition, baking makes fun at home and in no time the dough is ready. Discover our range of vegan doughs in our low carb shop.

Carbohydrate-reduced and high-protein: cake dough with a difference

Consciously eating does not have to mean giving up on delicious food. Our carbohydrate-reduced baking mixes, bread mixes and cake mixes (lemon cake, coconut cake & chocolate cake) taste delicious, are quickly prepared and convince with high-quality and nutritious ingredients. How tasty our cakes are, shows that the Café Orth in Bad König offers cakes and tarts based on our vegan low-carb bakery mixes. For example, the light and fluffy chocolate cake has 83 percent fewer carbohydrates than conventional chocolate cake.


You are looking for a protein-rich and vegan baking mix, bread-baking mix, a low-carb pizza dough and a bio-quality cake mix or cake mix? Then you are right with Erdschwalbe - the pioneer since 2010. Browse through our low carb shop. We are happy to advise you on baking mix and all our other foods in organic quality.